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Tribute to Giorgio Forni | SARTIRANA TEXTILE SHOW

Tribute to Giorgio Forni


Born in Valeggio Lomellina (PV) in 1947, Giorgio Forni graduated in Medicine at the University of Pavia in 1972 and took in Geriatrics in Florence under the guidance of professor Antonini, with whom he had the chance to experiment the use of art with therapeutic functions.

Giorgio Forni in Sartirana Castle

He connected the passion for Art and Beauty with the necessity to make ideals real, realising projects that enhanced material resources and proofs of human creativity in all sectors.

With this spirit, in 1980 he began the restoration of Sartirana Lomellina’s Castle and the following year he constituted the Centre of studies for Lomellina, followed in 1993 by Sartirana Arte Foundation.

Over the years the foundation has collected many examples of original and interesting items of silverware, artistic glassware, textile, design, fashion and artistic jewellery.

Curiosity and civil commitment led Giorgio Forni to become ambassador of Italian beauty and culture in the world. In fact, he organised various exhibitions abroad, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Foreign Affairs. The collections of Sartirana Arte foundation travelled many countries, becoming a sort of “case-museum” and were hosted into Italian Embassies and Institutes of Italian Culture all around the world.

Giorgio Forni loved to describe himself as a “… porter, exhibitions carrier and event promoter”, but he was above all a sui generis collector. Being an enthusiast of textile art, he was among the founders of Sartirana Textile Show.

In the 2020 STS edition, we want to celebrate his brilliant personality and his tremendous insightfulness for Art in all its forms.

Here a biography of Giorgio Forni in Italian

And the English version