The 16th edition of Sartirana Textile Show was held from 21st to Sunday 25th  October 2020 in Turin at La Promotrice delle Belle Arti, a beautiful Art Nouveau venue in the center of Turin.

Due to covid pandemic, the annual exhibition took place in a reduced form.

The 16th Sartirana Textile Show took part simultaneously with APART, a well-established exhibition of General Antiques appealing to a broad public.

STS presented nearly 20 selected Italian and foreign exhibitors showing the best of their inventories.

The STS 2020 edition has been organised in loving memory of Dr. Giorgio Forni, who passed away in December 2019.

Forni was one of the founders of STS and an enthusiastic and eclectic collector of antique rugs and textiles. A small selection of his antique rugs and Italian peasant textiles was displayed on a ‘memorial wall’ inside the exhibition.