Raqm, nel segno del ricamo

Precious embroidery in Orient and Europe from 15th to 19th century

The Arabic Raqm –the origin of the Italian word for embroidery, “ricamo”- means “sign” and symbolises the prestige and dignity of people who wears precious garments. Humankind has always enriched and embellished their clothes with embroidery. Even in the classical mythology and in the Bible there are some references to the art of embroidery.

This show by David Sorgato is the result of a twenty-five-years long research and a collection of the most rare and prestigious embroidery from all around the world. Each object is now a piece of art, thanks to the ability of scrupulous art conservators. Raqm, nel segno del ricamo is the union between 2 creative moments – a past one rich of mystic sense, and the present one that renovates and transforms the usage of this textiles according to the current aesthetics.

The show will open from 10th May during Milano Asian Art at David Sorgato’s Gallery and will procede until Sartirana Textile Show