Lara Simonof

Oriental Fascination

Lara Simonof was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. She studied at Kharkov’s School of Fine Art and at the Académie d’art et d’industrie Stiglitz in St. Petersburg. Parallel with her studies, she worked at St. Petersburg’s Society of Interior Restoration, which belongs to the Hermitage Museum.

In 1990 Lara moved to Stockholm, Sweden. There she has worked on numerous art projects, among them a textile and jewel collection for The Royal Theater of Drottningholm. For several years she also worked at JP Willborg, one of Europe’s largest inventories of high quality decorative Oriental and European carpets, tribal rugs, kilims and tapestries.

Today Lara has her own studio where she both works and teaches.
The Oriental theme is present in many of Lara’s images and paintings. The graceful lines in her pictures remind us of the twirling wine – like eternity symbols of Persian and Indian carpets and ceramics. The women are splendid creatures and often dressed in Oriental clothing. Her canvases overflow with Oriental pattern and splendid miniatures who, in a strange way, remain powerful and avoid excessive sweetness.