The TTTT are informal talks that take place during the eleventh edition of the Textile Show.
They are a chance to meet some experts, who will explain interesting clue about textile traditions of all around the world.
The Tea Time Textile Talks are not going to be frontal lectures, but pleasant moments to deepen our favourite subject and meet new culture.

After each lecture there will be a convivial moment with tea and biscuits.

TTTT Programme

Friday, September 18th – 5:00 p.m.

Francesca Fiorentino “Prayer Rugs – Some Notes”

An overview on the birth and function of this type of rug in the countries of the so called ‘Rug Belt’.
The presentation will focus on Turkish prayer rugs as a distinctive typology of the country despite region and period.
A special note will be reserved to a comparison with prayer rugs woven in Safavid Iran, the historical cultural competitor of Ottoman Turkey.

Francesca Fiorentino graduated in Art Criticism at the University of Padua (Italy). She studied Early Music and specialised at the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam. She worked with Alberto Levi, contributed to the International Magazine ‘Ghereh’ and ‘Leclere – Maison des Ventes’ and has been Speaker at the XIII ICOC, Washington, DC. She founded the blog “Oriental Carpets – Knotted Thoughts” which aims to enrich the perception of oriental rugs.

Saturday, September 19th – 5:00 p.m.

Bruno Gentili on “The Lao Gift”

From 17th to the 20th of September David Sorgato’s gallery presents The Lao Gift, an accurate selection of traditional homemade Laos textile. In this lecture Mr. Bruno Gentili will illustrate the two main purpose of Laos textiles:
• they were considered a gift, a symbolic act both among the different families of a specific ethnic group and among the members of the same family.
• They are a cultural and communicative synthesis originated from the huge range of magic and sacred patterns, intended as a proper figurative language. They are a rich cultural heritage that goes beyond the intrinsic value of the textile to become a strong identity-making value.

Bruno Gentili after having completed his studies in scientific subject, specialised himself in philosophy of the 20th century and in history of art. He is a collector and an enthusiastic scholar of old textile and Asiatic culture, in particular of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan and Himalayan area.
He is member of the “Centro di cultura Italia-Asia” and of the association “Cultural Path”, with which he realised some exhibition on Indonesian and Tibetan art in the Milanese museums. He gave talks in cultural institution in Milan, Switzerland and France.

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