Tea Time Textile Talks 2014

The informal talks will take place again also during the tenth edition of the Textile Show. They are a chance to meet some experts, who will tell us and explain the history, some details and curiosity about textile traditions, proper of different parts of the World. The Tea Time Textile Talks are not going to be frontal lectures, but pleasant moments to deepen in our traditions, which we have even in Italy.

Lectures Program:

Thursday, September 11th at 5:00PM

Dewitt Mallary on Baluch Rugs (powerpoint + show-and–tell presentation in English)

Friday, September 12th at 5:00PM

Alberto Boralevi on Antique Italian Peasant Rugs (in Italian)

Maristella Oliva Turrini on Sardinian Rugs and their funerary use (in Italian)

Saturday, September 13th at 5:00PM

Farian Sabahi: Multimedia presentation of her recent book Noi Donne di Tehran (in Italian)

Edoardo Marino: Handkerchiefs for Peace, a project by the Association CooperAction Onlus, in cooperation with OPAWAC (Organization of Promoting Afghan Women’s Capabilities) (in Italian)

All lectures shall end by 6:00 PM and will be followed by a cup of tea with biscuits.

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This article has the following documents: