Side Exhibitions 2014

Side Exhibitions of the next Textile Show:

“Antique Peasant Rugs from Sardinia, Abruzzi and other Areas of Southern Italy” from Sartirana Castle and other Private Collections

Design rugs signed MEMPHIS. Rugs that look like paintings, created by the artists and designers Nathalie Du Pasquier and Karim Rashid, and by the Korean artist Chung Eun Mo. They belong to a limited number of hand-knotted carpets, made according to ancient traditions.

Boucherouite, by David Sorgato, colourful rugs woven by Berbere women using thousand scraps of cotton, nylon and occasionally wool and creating fabolous and decorative works of art.

The following attached documents give an overview about the textile Italian traditions. The article, entitled “A Sardinian funeral rug”, here published by courtesy of HALI Magazine, issue n. 180 – summer 2014, focuses on a particular and now rare kind of rug, used during some Sardinian rites; while the text entitled “Italian peasant rugs” gives some useful information to become familiar with the topic.

This article has the following documents:

A-Sardinian-funeral-rug-CompassAnatomy Tappeto-funebre-sardo-CompassAnatomy Tappeti-rustici-italiani3 Italian-Peasant-Rugs1 BOUCHEROUITE