Tea Time Textile Talks

Tea Time textile Talks, let’s have a chat at tea time!

The Tea Time Textile Talks are the new entry of this year. They will consist of short lectures, delivered by specialists in different fileds. The lectures will become a precious opportunity for an interantionl and intercultural exchange and, therefore, they will be open to all interested pepole, specialists in Textile and non-specialists, whoever wuold have the pleasure to enrich his/her own knowledge. They will be delivered on Friday, the 20th and on Saturday the 21st of September.

The main themes will be:

“Gardens of Heaven and Gardens of Earth. Embroidery of Uzbekistan: the hidden Meaning of Sacred Texts” is the title of the book (in russian language), which will be edited soon but previously presented in Sartirana by the well known specialist on Central Asia Textile Elmira Gyul. Moreover, the conference of Elmira Gyul will be enriched by a brief dissertation about bags of nomad populations, which reminds to the main theme of the Side Exhibition “Bags”. See the page.
Tibetan Saddle Rugs by Koos de Jong, who is already known in Sartirana for having shown his collection of suddle rugs in STS 2011. This year, he will also sell signed copies of his latest book Dragon&Horse. Saddle Rugs and Other Horse Tack from China and Beyond. See the page.
Calpesta la Guerra – Step on War, by Edoardo Marino. The samples of war rugs, which will be exhibit in Sartirana, belong to the Association Calpesta la Guerra, whose goal is to give a deep social value to some works of art and to awake awareness towards life conditions in Afghanistan and to promote Peace and Human Rights. See the page. For further info about the Association CooperAction and its activities, please view both PDF docs underneath (italian version).
The lectures will have the following schedule:

Friday, the 20th – 5 p.m. Elmire Gyul

5:30 p.m. Koos de Jong

Saturday, the 21st – 5 p.m. Step on War

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