Tea Time Textile Talks

Tea Time textile Talks, let’s have a chat at tea time!

The Tea Time Textile Talks consist of short lectures, delivered by specialists in different fileds. The lectures will become a precious opportunity for an interantionl and intercultural exchange and, therefore, they will be open to all interested pepole, specialists in Textile and non-specialists, whoever wuold have the pleasure to enrich his/her own knowledge.

The main themes will be:

September the 14th at 17:00 – Saddle Rugs for China and Related Area by Koos de Jong

September the 15th at 17:00 – The Endless Knot – by Sumiyo Okumura

September the 16th at 17:00 – The non violent Carpet by Eber Meschoulam

September the 17th at 17:00 – Nespolo under feet – Alberto Boralevi interviews Ugo Nespolo