Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo is a non-profit institution operating in Turin since 1995 and devoted to research, production and education in contemporary art. On the occasion of Sartirana Textile Show, the foundation has decided to bet on the contemporary art, presenting the 2007 artwork of the Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelins).

This choice represents the will to show how still nowadays textile art can stimulate and go with the contemporary artistic research on either political, social and cultural investigation and aesthetic media and post –media issues.

Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelins) is a set of four wool tapestries that reproduces four sales receipts. Words and numbers are oversized, such as metaphors of a daily horizon dominated by economy, consumerism and commercial transactions. However, Gabriel Kuri’s work it is not meant to be a bitter  condemnation of present times, but it opens itself to a new human dimension summarized in the words on each receipt “Thank you and Good Bye”, with whom the artist addresses to the audience