The Cerruti Collection

Sartirana Textile Show is glad to announce the partnership with BIG – Insurance Group. In the stand of Ciaccio BIG Insurance Group it is possible to admire the Small Medallion Ushak rug, so-called Tintoretto, from West Anatolia, 16th century from Fondazione Cerruti and Castello di Rivoli, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

La Pila Eventi, organizer of Sartirana Textile Show, in collaboration with BIG Ciaccio – Insurance Group is glad to announce the participation to 15th STS of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, presenting Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelins) by the Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri.

Chinese Imperial Carpets

A refined selection of Chinese carpets from the Forbidden City, woven with metal threads.

The show is curated by Farzin Mollaian.

The Sound of a Woman.

Traditions, Fashion and Elegance in the Caucasus and Beyond

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet the Azerbaijani culture throughout one of the main feature of women’s costume – the Kelaghai, the ancient headscarf of Azerbaijani women.

Horst Beyer

Discover the artistic world of Horst Beyer.  Inspired by the multiple potential of recycled material, the artist evokes new dimensions of space, surface and color by cutting, tying, plating and transforming the electricity cables into the main component of his esthetical work.


The Vaghireh are models that weavers used to compose traditional patterns and designs in the carpets and were hand down from generation to generation to preserve the family patterns. The exhibit displays part of Taher Sabahi collection of Vaghireh