Zeki Müren’s Inspiration

When Zeki Müren, “God of Art and of the Sun that does not set” decided to devote his immense creativity to a textiles and carpets collection during the 1950ies, the result was amazing. Normality and classicism were dominated from a new aesthetics that made all his creations iconic.

The Zeki Müren’s carpets turn every room in a unique space, thanks to their contemporary design, their bright colours, geometrical shapes and prints that liven up the place where they lay.

Zeki Müren’s creations overturn the rules. Whereas it is usual to “try” a carpet, so to understand if it fits in an environment, with Zeki Müren artworks it is the opposite. His carpets are not secondary to the location, but become the focus of the environment and confer a new style to the room.

Born in Bursa, Turkey in the 1931, Zeki Müren was a singer, actor, screenwriter, composer and a designer of stage – costumes and textiles. He was a multi –talented artist and a very prolific one. He sang over 600 songs and composed almost 300, he held 100 concert per year and acted in 19 movies.

In the textile world, he invented two different styles: the “chess style” and the “reloaded”, where the fleece is shaved and then painted again.

Everything concerning Zeki Müren symbolizes a unique and modern style. If it is true that objects keep the energy of their creator, a Zeki Müren’s carpet represents a sophisticated and pure piece of avant-garde creativity.

During the Sartirana Textile Show, David Sorgato shows a collection of Zeki Müren’s carpets. All the artworks are in perfect conditions and display both the most famous and the rarest designs. This collection is so well conserved that seems to belong to Zeki Müren’s Museum in Bodrum.

To learn more about the Zeki Muren life, here a link to  Zeki Muren’s exhibit in Istanbul, from BBC Europe