Mr. Müren's Inspiration

Zeki Muren was a prominent Turkish singer of the 20th century. His popularity was so big that it was referred to as the “Sun of Art” or the “The Pasha”.

His artistic work was not only confined to music, tough. In fact, he also designed a group of neo-Baroque styled rugs and carpets.

Deriving inspiration from both Zeki Müren’s creative imagination and the Art Deco movement, his contemporary styled rugs are truly a masterpiece.

Curator of the show – David Sorgato.

Intrecci del Novecento

The exhibition is a selection of the 2017 exhibition cured by Galleria Moshe Tabibnia in Milan Triennale.

The exhibition boasts a variety of textile works realized by different manifacturies during the Twentieth Century. All the pieces are designed by the most important Italian artists and designers of the last century.

The exhibition displays among the others, textile works by Italian futurists Fortunato Depero and Giacomo Balla.